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Gone Fishin’

September 29, 2016 by | 0 comments

Disclaimer: I’m not a fisher-girl. So I don’t know the lingo.

Back in April, David got to enjoy a classic OBX experience, Deep Sea Fishing. One of his best friends invited him to join a mid-week business perk fishing trip. The weather had been rough, so they were iffy as to whether or not they were even going to go out. As semi-experienced deep sea fisher-men, they took Dramamine the night before. Get it in the system.The seas were rough, 7-10 Ft swells, to be exact. They had booked The Trophy Hunter, a 54 Ft  B&B Works out of Oregon Inlet. The captain drove up to the top of the Bonner Bridge to ascertain the state of the inlet. He said, “Roger that,” they took more Dramamine and took off (shoved off, set sail, anchors away, etc.)


They went out about 25 miles, a three hour tour (actually, it took about 2 hours to get to the
gulf stream.) David has a set of very respectable sea legs. He says the key is to always look at the horizon, don’t look down. He fared very well, let’s just say one of his companions is a landlubber. Yikes, but to be fair, they had 7-10ft seas. Just look up at ceiling of the room you are sitting in right now. That’s likely 8ft.


As soon as they dropped the line in the water the reels went wild! Yellow fin and Mahi 552lbs in under two hours. At times there would be 5 fish on the line! Crazy! Captain Kenny on Trophy Hunter definitely put them on the fish! Around 11:30 the live wells were already full and the weather was turning for the worse, so they headed back to shore. At the end of the day, due to the very rough seas, they were the only boat that went out. Like I mentioned, 7-10 Ft swells. David said that when the boat would crest the top of a swell, they could see Mako and Hammerhead Sharks in the adjacent swell. Scary stuff.


When they pulled into Oregon Inlet, they had the fish cleaned and then took them back to the captain’s cottage and vacuum sealed it, all 256 lbs of it! The guys hosting the trip gifted us with 62lbs of Yellow Fin Tuna and we (and about a couple dozen of our friends and family) have THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! Of course, we had Seared Tuna for dinner. I don’t believe I have ever had fish that fresh before. It was DELICIOUS! We’re still enjoying the spoils of the day. There are still a couple tenderloins in the freezer, after this weekend, there will be one less.

These guys have great stories that go back three decades. This one has all the earmarks of a legend, an OBX fishing invite, rough seas, sharks, a ginormous haul and a great meal. I have no doubt this one will be added to the compilation. Particular thanks to Goodrich and our hosts.

As I stated in the beginning, I’m not a fisher-girl. Stories like this kinda make me want to be, kinda. David highly recommends Trophy Hunter for your next OBX Deep Sea Fishing Excursion!


Wishing you Fair Weather and Fond Memories,


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