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Hurricane Matthew: Our Storm Policies


Here we go. It is hurricane season, after all, and this one is proving to be an active one. Hermine came through about a month ago and now, Matthew. The most recent projected models show OBX to be on the fringe of the storm. We’re still watchful and our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been and those that are now being impacted by the storm.

We were booked solid for this holiday weekend. Our guests have had some decisions to make. Some have opted to cancel or reschedule their trip, others are staying on, for now, experiencing what few people ever do, OBX bracing for a storm. Here’s a few things we’d like you to know about our storm policy:

  1. It’s about Safety: I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m curious about these storms. Perhaps that’s one motivation why folks stay in a questionable situation, but there isn’t any reason to put the lives of our first responders in jeopardy trying to get folks out of a spot that was easily avoidable. If there is a mandatory evac, we will not permit our guests to stay. Period.
  2. It’s about Accessibility: Once the winds are above 40mph, the bridges across the sound are closed. Translation: you couldn’t get here if you tried, unless you swim. (Not recommended.)
  3. It’s about the experience: Maybe the possibility of a loss of power, storm surge, no AC, a dinner of cold Pop Tarts and bottled water and 80mph wind gusts are your idea of a good time, maybe they aren’t. Just a  few things to consider when you’re thinking of riding out a storm.
  4. It’s NOT about the money: We make this part of the decision easy. When there is an event that is a safety concern for our guests or a mandatory evacuation, our policy is to offer a full (if the entire reservation is cancelled) or prorated refund or reschedule to another available date. Simple as that.
    It’s not a rainy day plan and you’re welcome to purchase trip insurance, but we don’t ever want finances to color your decision when your safety is at stake.

There you have it. The Outer Banks and our sister barrier islands are strong communities that have seen their share of storms. Storms become markers of time and measures of the resilience of the community. This is true of those who are still waiting for the storm to pass. They will come together, dry out, rebuild. It’s the nature of coastal communities. Salt water is in their veins and storms like this one are just part of the reality of these places we love.

Wishing you Fair Weather (NOT HURRICANES) and Fond Memories,

Paisley & Pearl

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