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Post Hurricane Matthew: Our Own October Surprise


First, it was Hermine that came through on the Friday before Labor Day. She tipped over a few AC units at the condos and we lost some shingles at The Little Cottages. And then, unpredictable Hurricane Matthew.


It was forecasted to hit us, then to miss us, and then it hit us. It was an on again, off again, on again routine. We prepared the best we could and then waited. Areas that typically stay tight and dry were flooded with feet of water. Some locals are saying there has not been flooding of this nature since Ash Wednesday, 1962. Matthew is being compared to Hurricane Emily, 1993 and Hurricane Floyd, 1999.


Mike and Lisa were absolute heroes before, during and after the storm. We leaned on their recommendations heavily as we made preparations and advised guests with the best information we had.  There wasn’t an evacuation, but access to the island was restricted on Sunday. Graduated access was permitted until restriction was lifted and visitors were welcomed back on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, none of our guests were in town for the storm. We did our best to be sure they experienced the least amount of inconvenience possible. Some guests chose to cancel, others have decided to reschedule, which is exactly how our hurricane cancellation policy works. We are just thrilled everyone is safe and feel blessed that as of tomorrow, we will be back to normal.

Thankfully, the cottages and condos all stayed tight and dry, no flooding whatsoever. Kemp & Olive lost a few shingles and an AC unit at the condos was leaning a little bit. Considering Jennette’s Pier clocked a 96 mph wind gust, we are incredibly thankful. Amazingly enough, we never even lost power or cable at the condos during the storm!


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us and the community. So many of you have reached out and that means a great deal to us. Please continue to pray for the OBX community and our state. NC has suffered the highest death toll in the U.S. due to Hurricane Matthew and in some areas of the state, the waters have not yet receded. OBX residents are resilient and by the grace of God and help from a neighbor, the community will dry out, rebuild and continue to be the place where the best memories are made.


Wishing you Fair Weather and Fond Memories,


Paisley & Pearl

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