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The Outer Banks Hospital: Another OBX First


David hurt his knee a few weeks ago. It didn’t improve as quickly as we would have hoped, so we decided to get an MRI. A couple hours after the MRI, the doctor called and urged us to get an ultra sound. He was concerned about the possibility of a blood clot. Well, let me tell you, that got our attention! We were in OBX  at the time and so decided to go to The Outer Banks Hospital in Nags Head.

It was late in the afternoon on a Friday. The hospital staff facilitated the process and were incredibly friendly. The lady that administrated the ultrasound was professional and kindly informative, especially considering I was trying to act as though I wasn’t mildly freaked out (which I was.) The Radiologist even came in to reassure us when they weren’t able to get ahold of the ordering physician.

I don’t love hospitals nor do I frequent them often, but in this case, I’m very thankful Outer Banks Hospital was there. No one wants to think of needing a visit to the emergency room while on vacation.

Vacation. Relaxation. Emergency Room. Just checking. Nope, they don’t go together.


Just in case, you have a great option. The Outer Banks Hospital, located just down the street in Nags Head at MP15. They’re there if you need them. We’ll pray that you don’t.


Wishing you Fair Weather and Fond Memories,

Paisley & Pearl

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